Your Website and Search Engine Rankings

Trying to get a good listing on the main search engines these days is hard work. There is no magic wand that can be waved and hey presto you are top of the listings for your preferred keyword. You can however do everything in your power to ensure your websites ticks all the correct boxes, giving your website a better chance at a first page listing on Google or Yahoo! Here I try to explain in simple terms how you can achieve this.

Content Is King

Well written, interesting content that directly relates to the page title is a great first step toward a good listing. Each page on your site should really only be dedicated to one subject. In other words do not try and cram too much information relating to different subjects on to one page. Pick one subject, product or service and dedicate that page solely to that one subject.

Meta Tags

You may or may not know what these are but Meta tags are vital in your search engine campaigns. The three important Meta tags are Title, Description and Keyword. Your title tag should be well constructed containing vital keywords pertaining to the page content but structured in sentence format if possible. This should be no longer than 64 characters. Your description tag should be a couple of sentences, again well structured in a human readable format containing important keywords relating to page content. And finally the keyword tag, a list of important keywords or search phrases that a user might place in a search engine to find your website. Do not repeat keywords too often in this section.

ALT Tags

All images on your site should have ALT tags (alternative text). An image is not readable by search engines and therefore an alt tag containing a genuine description of your image can be crawled by the search engines. A lot of users will have images turned off in their browser of choice and an alt tag will allow the user know what the image is about.

H1 Tag

Every page should contain what is known as a H1 tag. This is your page heading. A descriptive page title will go a long way toward a good listing if the page title does indeed relate to the content on that page.

Conclusion: the information above is only intended as a brief introduction into the world of search engine optimisation. If you or your web designer follows the above tips it will act as a good stepping stone toward a good search engine listing.

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